Why I joined NYL

My name is Hamzah elyas Bodiat; the reason why I joined Newham Youth Link is because of my friends Surrayh and Wahid. They told me to come to westham park every Saturdays because there is a club called Newham Youth Link. They told me about what the organisation do to help us become better People and better footballers. They do Iftar gathering which is in Ramdhaan as well as they take you places to have fun. So I went on Saturday and I was nervous because I never played for a football team before, as well as that I never thought that I was that good at football.

The reason why I thought that I was not good at football is because I used my temper a lot while playing football. The day that I joined I think I played in left midfield but I kept going in to the left back position which is my favourite position because Im left footed. Two to three later in training my team made me get in goal which was my worst position because saving hard shots and keeping my eye on the ball, during the match I made four to five very good saves, somehow I couldn’t believe it; it was shocking for me to stand there and save like the way I did.

So about eight to nine weeks later I found myself I a competition between another person called Imran, who was naturally a keeper but as the weeks passed there was an under fourteen league so me and imran had to work even harder to get that number one spot. It was really hardwork because obviously it was my worst position to a good position. As the league was nearing the pressure mounted on us but one or two weeks before the league I played excellent in goal so the coach (Aaroz Bhai) picked me for the number one keeper, I was delighted even though I didn’t like playing in goal. So at the end of the league, I was one of the heroes of the league, by playing good in goal.

One year later I thought of playing out of goal because in school I played out of goal every time so I started playing out of goal, but one day, I was watching a match and saw them struggling with no keeper. Then thought about staying in goal until they can get a better keeper than me. I waited a long time till I found out about a under sixteens player called Abdullah who was tall, that was the reason why put him in goal not me, but didn’t mind, because I knew one day I will play in a match either in or out of goal and show how terrific I can be if played every match.

The time came when we were playing our rivals “Ash-Shabab Academy” how were a decent side and I played at left back so I was delighted and played very well from my view and from a few other people. As the team didn’t do well we said forget about the misery and carry on in life. As I do see the [NYL] A team Prostars now I think that we have a good chance of winning something for the whole of newham Youth Lin. So we currently in a league.